9th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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Digital Work Flow and 3D Printing Applied to Implant Treatment. The new 3D Vision

"The use of digital workflow in treating a completely edentulous maxilla with immediate implant placement and immediate provisionalization using planification through a 3D printed model, digital intraoral scanner, and a CADCAM provisional bridge.

Digital technologies has gained more and more interest in implant dentistry. Digital tools can be used in patient's treatment to increase predictability, accuracy and time efficiency.

The digital workflow includes steps from digital impression to laboratory CAD-CAM design and fabrication of the provisional restoration but also computerized planification, CBCT, guided surgery and immediate loading protocols. More recently, 3D printing can be associated with this digital workflow since the patient 's bone can now be replicated and his teeth extractions performed on a 3D model obtained with the patient's DICOM files. This technology is an additional tool for cases planifications, allowing the practitioner to visualize and train before surgical procedures. But it is also a new tool for educational purposes in teaching anatomy and surgery.

Pre-visualization of surgical procedures applied to each patient's case may increase the success rate of the surgical treatment. Patient's bone models obtained with 3D printing using DICOM files seem to reproduce clinical situations with great accuracy. In vitro tests of drilling sequences, implant placement and orthognathic surgeries have shown similarities with clinical situations up to 95%."

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