7th CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference


One-visit chairside dentistry:
How to make CAD/CAM Restorations Esthetic and Durable in Clinical Practice

Dr. Michael Dieter

Dr. Michael DieterDr. Michael Dieter, DDS is a dentist from Germany. He studied at the Center of Oral and Dental Medicine at the University of Tubingen, Germany.

Dr. Dieter is practicing private dentistry in Switzerland making use of the latest CAD/CAM technology. Besides, he is also Head of the Professional Services department for Ivoclar Vivadent.

Joerg Vogt

Joerg VogtInternational CEREC Trainer for Sirona Dental Systems, Bensheim, Germany:  Joerg Vogt has given lectures on CAD/CAM in more than 50 countries in the past 12 years. Closely involved with the latest CAD/CAM developments, his key message is how to use a digital device to achieve perfect all-ceramic restorations. In addition to the well documented clinical aspects, a welcome bonus is that it is fun to use for a dentist.

Today our patients are asking for more esthetic and durable all-ceramic restorations. There is a strong desire for one-visit restorations without the need of a temporary. The combination of chairside manufacured all-ceramic restorations using the CAD/CAM technology with CEREC and the adhesive cementation technique facilitate long lasting restorations resulting in significant preservation of tooth structure and excellent esthetics meeting the highest patient demands. However, small mistakes in the various clinical steps of the treatment sequence and the manufacturing process can compromise the clinical long- term success of our CAD/CAM restorations.

In a joint interactive lecture Dr. Michael Dieter and Mr. Joerg Vogt will present a predictable concept for the chairside treatment with single tooth CAD/CAM restorations taking into account all the critical steps to the final restoration.

Dr. Michael Dieter will focus on the clinical treatment sequence, e.g. indications, tooth preparation, selection of the correct color, translucency and strength of ceramic blocks, plus all the cementation options for the luting procedure. Special emphasis will be given to the perfection of the esthetic outcome of the restoration after milling.

Mr. Joerg Vogt will introduce the latest on "One-visit digital dentistry" with CEREC AC Bluecam: How to take perfect digital optical impressions, update on the latest software version including the new Biogeneric software.

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