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The Digital Workflow Supporting the Biology in Immediate Loading Implant Treatment


The Immediate loading concept has to take account of several items as aesthetic and function to be done successfully, but the most important point is to be in accordance with the bone and tissue biology.

The use of digital planning, guided-surgery, Cad Cam and intra oral scanner are perfectly defined and protocoled with satisfactory results. But this Digital workflow must nevertheless be at the service of implant biology.

The digital planning allows an implant positioning in 3D according to the biological rules of osteointegration. That means a perfect distance with surrounding elements: teeth, implant, contact point and thickness bone. More than that it gives information on the bone density value to adapt a correct surgical protocol and implant design.

The digital planning gives the opportunity to plan a correct prosthetic axis placement according to the prosthetic rules of aesthetic and function and anticipates the tissue thickness and level.

All these points can be managed for immediate loading implant treatment before the surgery

Then the surgical guide transfer all the planning data safety, accurately and easily.

Likewise, cad cam process for temporary prosthesis in immediate loading can be done before the surgery according to all the principles of correct emergence profile, perfect prosthetic connexion and biologic space respect

Innovative solutions that integrate into the digital flow allow us to better understand the bone and tissue response of our patients. This aim is to validate an immediate loading implant treatment using the digital flow, which is certainly easy and fast to realize but especially safe in the long term.

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