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Aesthetic Management by Digital Workflow Support in Advanced Implant Treatment


Aesthetic management in implant treatments obeys not only the fundamental rules (guidelines) of aesthetics but also biological and function rules (guidelines).

It requires a perfectly defined treatment plan and advanced and controlled surgical techniques.

Bone quantity and quality, gingival tissue volume, implant positioning, prosthetic axis, shape and prosthetic design are all key elements in the success of these treatments.

The contribution of computer science in implantology is a major technological breakthrough in terms of precision, time saving, data storage, guarantees (assurance, warranty) and customization of work.

Furthermore, from the analysis of the case and the elaboration of the treatment plan, to the surgical and prosthetic realization, digital technology intervenes at each stage to optimize the short and long term results.

Indeed, digital wax up, digital planning, guided surgery, intra oral scanner and the cad cam process are digital tools with perfectly defined protocols that give satisfactory results.

Thus, the contribution of digital technology can be perfectly combined with advanced treatment techniques such as extraction and implantation, immediate loading, socket shield technique and associated bone or connective grafting for an optimal aesthetic result.

This presentation describes how to anticipate thanks to the digital the biological and esthetic response during the execution of all the elements of the implant chain from the prosthetic project and the surgical phase to the final prosthesis for better results in terms of predictability, durability and safety for the aesthetic management in advanced implant treatment.

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