Virtual Articulator and CAD/CAM Designing Workshop
Hands-on Courses
09 May 2014, 13:30 - 15:30 Dubai | UAE | Jumeirah Beach Hotel Area of interest: General Dentistry

Module 1

Aesthetic and functional restorations by individually recorded jaw movements with Virtual articulator - ARCUSdigma - Form is made by the function
- TMD - symptoms caused by occlusal interferences
- Traditional articulator concept
- Virtual articulator - ARCUSdigma concept
- Anatomical face-bow versus electronic movement recording
- Perform measurement on a real patient
- Articulate stone model into the physical articulator

Module 2

Reproduction of jaw movements in CAD SW - multiCAD virtual articulator, designing, and milling of the final dental prosthesis with CADCAM milling system - ARCTICA
- From static to dynamic occlusion
- CAD SW - multiCAD
- Import ASCII data to the multiCAD virtual articulator
- Scan articulated stone model in CAD Scanner - ARCTICA AutoScan (upper jaw, lower jaw, vestibular scan)
- Perform virtual articulation
- From Digma to virtual articulation
- Articulator movement simulation
- Design restoration
- CAM milling SW - CSS - virtual logistics
- Perform Nesting in virtual material block
- Tool and material management
- Start job on milling system - ARCTICA Engine

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