Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 18-21 Nov 2021

13th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference

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The pursuit of excellence with microscope in aesthetic dentistry


The level of precision that we need today in order to achieve the most out of the latest restorative techniques, direct or indirect, is impossible to reach with the naked eye. High magnification improves the quality of care provided, both from an aesthetic and functional perspective and the operative microscope (OM) allows amplification, greater versatility in image resolution, excellent visualization of the working field with the best lighting possible and an ideal working posture. Microscopes play a vital role in enhancing visibility for accurate diagnosis, tooth preparation, material placement and finishing of restorative procedures with predictable outcomes. 

This presentation will highlight the importance of incorporating OM in routine clinical practice to achieve longevity and maximum aesthetic results with composite resin and ceramic restorations in the anterior aesthetic zone

The speaker will showcase a variety of clinical cases with detailed workflow where magnification played an essential role and illustrate the best positions for the patient, assistant and clinician, in order to maximize ergonomics. The audience would be able to appreciate, how the use of OM throughout all restorative procedures with proper equipment, instruments, positions and training can help improve productivity, enhance patient communication and provide a higher level of aesthetics in anterior restorations with increased predictability.

Learning Objectives

  • The role of an operative microscope in routine restorative practice to optimize productivity and predictability
  • Tips and Tricks to optimizing the use of an operative microscope to achieve the best aesthetic outcomes
  • Restorative workflow of direct and indirect restorations especially with Bioactive materials
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