11th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Parents and Dentists’ Knowledge, Experience and Practice Regarding Oral Health Care Toward Children with Autism at Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Autism Center in 2019


To clarify if there are any problems that are faced by the dentists and the parents regarding the dental procedures and the oral health care in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Autism Center. 


There were 86 questionnaires distributed to parents of autism children, and 73 questionnaires were distributed to dentists, a total of 25 questionnaires were collected from parents of autism children with a response rate of 29.07% and a response rate of 52.05% with a total of 38 questionnaires were collected from dentists, The study took place in the Public health Centers in Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Autism Center, Dubai, United Arab of Emirates. 


Approximately 40% of the children of autism did not visit the dentist at all, and 35% of the child’s oral health care was fair. 72% of the parents didn’t know the autism type of their children whereas that 56% pf the parents were having a high school certificate and 12% are having an academic degree. More than half of parents described their children’s condition as moderate and 64% of their children are not receiving any therapies in treating Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). As per the results it was mentioned that the main parent’s barrier that made the dental procedure hard to be performed is the difficulty in finding a dentist who understands the child case and professional in treating autism spectrum disorder. 
According to the dentist’s response it was noticed that almost all of the dentist agreed that they don’t have enough knowledge in treating children with autism spectrum disorder(ASD) with percentage of 82%.


Awareness should be provided for parents in dealing with children with autism spectrum disorder(ASD) lack of knowledge about autism spectrum disorder(ASD) as per the response of the parents of autism children in Dubai Autism Center. There a clear lack of dental knowledge and experience regarding treating autism spectrum disorder(ASD) among the participant group of the dentists of Public Health Centers in Dubai Health Authority. 

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