Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 17-20 Nov 2022

14th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference

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Non surgical perio instrumentation between innovation and ergonomics


Non-surgical periodontal instrumentation is worldwide recognized as a crucial in-office resource for periodontal therapies and preventative procedures in favour of the patients.

New acquaintances from international literature and scientific associations are guiding clinicians in a new era of the periodontal non-surgical approach.

The new cultural paradigm associated with the most recent technologies, products and materials are giving the chance to the clinicians, both Dentists and Dental Hygienists, to really customize the treatments according to specific features and needs of every single patient.

The speech titled “Non-Surgical Instrumentation between innovation and ergonomics” will be presented the most updated information about the international periodontal non-surgical guidelines and the recent innovations in instruments and technologies for managing the non-surgical periodontal treatments. As part of the content of this presentation, will be reported the concept of the ergonomics declined both for the instruments and technologies themself and more generally in selecting, organizing, managing the materials/products/instruments/ etc, with the scope of optimizing every single procedure, guaranteeing the best-operating conditions for the clinician and the patients in term of comfort, efficacy, safety and quality.

Learning Objectives

  • Learning new methods, technologies and new materials that really help the clinicians to better perform the procedures both in periodontal non-surgical treatments (CT causal treatments, SPT mid-long term supportive periodontal treatments) and preventative procedures, in favour of the patients 
  • Understanding the basics of the international non-surgical periodontal guidelines related to the new international periodontal classification
  • Understanding the ERGONOMICS concept and its role and significance in clinical practice
  • Learning how it’s possible to set accurate-customize procedures with obvious benefits and advantages both for the patient and the clinicians. 
  • Sharing relevant information that can increase the clinical efficacy and efficiency, assuring less invasive/painful treatments and more comfortable experiences for the patients.


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