Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 18-21 Nov 2021

13th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference

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Instrumentation of root canal systems with reciprocating instruments


The instrumentation of the root canal systems during endodontic treatment, due to their anatomical variations, remains a challenge. The multiplanar curvatures of the root canals, apply additional stress to the files. Although the manufacturers have evolved the endodontic files, improving their alloys and design; the motion used to activate these mechanized instruments has a strong influence in their behaviour. 

During this presentation, we will discuss the main physical stresses, which are applied to our endodontic instruments during the instrumentation and how the reciprocating motion can help the clinician to overcome many of these challenges.

The reciprocating motion allows, as well, a simplified technique to reach the working length, decreasing the number of files used per treatment. A deep review of the literature and the scientific base of this philosophy will be discussed and the clinical protocol of the Wave One Gold system and its main characteristics will be presented.

Learning objectives

  • To Understand the stress an endodontic file is subjected to, during the instrumentation of root canal systems (RCT’s)
  • Being able to identify, radio-graphically,  the main challenges during the shaping of RCT’s
  • To know the different motions we can use to activate mechanized instruments
  • To understand the advantages of the reciprocating motion
  • To know the clinical protocol of a reciprocating system and its usage recommendations
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