Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 17-20 Nov 2022

14th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference

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Facial driven design concept in full mouth rehabilitation


Recently, advancement and evolution in digital technology in terms of scanner and design software has led to the disruption in the treatment modalities in dentistry, especially implant dentistry. PPFACEDESIGN is the Facial driven design concept, uses a digital workflow with a philosophy of facial driven design and smile design by using multiplatform design software. This focuses on designing the prosthesis, tooth and implant in the ideal position to achieve an ideal esthetic and function. The Facial profile, proportion, harmony are considered, planning and treated with a multidisciplinary approach for making the aesthetically pleasuring face. In addition, the proper occlusion is correct with digital tools to create an ideal occlusal scheme to reposition the condyle in a favourable position. This presentation is focusing on utilizing the PPFACEDESIGN concept in full mouth rehabilitation cases which include a multidisciplinary approach. Together with restorative, implant and clear aligner in digital mindset will make the treatment much easier, faster and predictable.

In this lecture, Dr Pokong will discuss rational of treatment including:

  • fully digital workflow (aligner + restore + implant)
  • scan technic, jaw motion, and all tools in TRIOS
  • integration of the facescan in dental system software
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