Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 18-21 Nov 2021

13th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference

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Clinical solutions to create high quality direct posterior composite restorations in the most efficient way


Direct composites have become increasingly popular as tooth-coloured restorations in almost any dental office around the world. Clinicians need to fulfil their patients` increasing expectations regarding esthetics, functionality and durability for both anterior and posterior direct composite restorations.

At the same time, the clinical procedures need to be carried out in the most efficient way in order to optimize the revenue – without sacrificing the quality of the final restorations.

Today, direct posterior composite fillings are the "bread & butter restorations" of the general dentist. 

However, the step-by-step procedure of the incremental build-up technique can be very time-consuming in dental practice. Particularly with children or elderly patients, as well as with larger restorations, this can be a significant challenge for the dental practitioner. 

Recently, new restorative systems have been introduced into the market. They possibly have the potential to save significant chairside time for the creation of posterior restorations. The question is, however, whether dentists need to compromise in terms of polymerization, shrinkage stress, marginal quality or esthetic outcome. This lecture will introduce new techniques and materials to restore posterior cavities faster and more efficiently – in consideration of fresh scientific evidence.

Learning Objectives

  • Latest adhesive bonding techniques
  • Prevention of post-operative sensitivity
  • Layering vs. bulk filling techniques
  • Complete and fast polymerization: Importance for the longevity of the restoration
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