Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 17-20 Nov 2022

14th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference

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A tooth and a string: the magical biodynamics of the teeth


The teeth, an organo-mineral structure, surrounded by living tissues plays a major role, not only in function and esthetics but mainly in keeping its surrounding tissues, bone and gingiva.  The orthodontic movement relies on the biodynamic changes that occur in response to the forces applied to the teeth, tension and compression. The movement of the teeth can remodel the bony and gingival tissues. We will review the importance of the forced eruption and its applications in different situations:

  1. To regain tooth structure for the reconstruction
  2. To align gingival margins
  3. To align teeth
  4. To regenerate bone and soft tissue
  5. To manage future implant site
  6. To regenerate missing papillae

Learning objectives

  • The importance of the presence of the periodontal ligament in the tooth movement and its role in the regeneration.
  • The forced eruption principle and design.
  • How to optimize the life spam of fractured teeth and save them.
  • The different applications in bone and soft tissue regeneration.
  • Extending its application in simplifying the treatment.
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