Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 17-20 Nov 2022

14th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference

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4D Smile without treatment a new way


Nowadays the advertisements, billboards, beauty magazines are influencing our lifestyle. Up to now, most dental professionals have been trying to use photo programs computer imaging and other methods to show the patient's the possibilities of aesthetics. The problem is that you may promise something that you very often can't fulfil. A fundamental objective of aesthetic treatment is the patient's satisfaction and that the outcome of the treatment should meet the patient's expectation of enhancing his/her facial aesthetics and smile. A patient constantly doubting the end result of the treatment, which is an irreversible procedure, can be motivated and educated through Twinsmiles 4 D Smile technique. The twinsmile method is used to design and modify the smile of patients in a 4D technique to visualize it beforehand by creating Testeneers of their new smile. It helps in visual communication and involvement of the patients in the real situation of the patient, thus ensuring predictable treatment outcomes and increasing case acceptance. This is not a digital smile but the real smile.

Learning Objectives

  • Able hot to feel more secure in achieving high aesthetics.
  • Being more economical in producing restorations and reduce the number of remakes
  • To help increase the aesthetic quality of your work
  • Understand new ways to acquire patients and Increase patient satisfaction
  • Understand how to become more efficient and have fewer remakes in your work
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