11th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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3D Titanium Mesh


3D Mesh is a medical device that can be implantable. This device is used by dentists in the surgical field for bone reconstruction. This is a personalized solution ideal for GBR.

Materials and Methods

This method is used in cases in which there is a lack of bone. The usage of this method brings with it a series of advantages such as: the shortage of the time spent both during the intervention and after it, it raises the success rate and guarantees a perfect adaptation of the biomaterial to patient’s anatomy.

By using the CBCT method we were able to analyze both the 3D perspective of the patient’s alveolar ridge, the morphology and the trajectory of the alveolar nerve. The 3D image obtained using the CBCT method was then introduced into a CAD-CAM software to create the virtual model of the Mesh. The virtual model has to be sent afterwards to a SLM (selective laser melting) machine in order to obtain the 3D Titanium Mesh.

Results and Discussions

By using this method we noticed the following advantages:

  • Shortage of time during and after the intervention
  • Perfect anatomical reproduction of the bone
  • High rate of success


This is a new and improved method, better than the classic Meshes which are adaptable.

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