8th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Long lasting smiles - but how long?

The main purpose of this lecture is to discuss the dilemma in the longevity of advanced cosmetic dentistry and a population that lives longer and longer.

We can create almost any smile on any patient it is only a question of time and money, but with today's technology – everything is possible. But how do we secure the long-term success of our work and how do we point out those patients who most likely will get into trouble?

This lecture will give you food for thoughts and at the same time encourage you to help out the most difficult patients and get amazing results – just by introducing a simple way of risk assessing your patients.

A beautiful smile can change peoples life – but if not planed well a new smile can cause headaches, chipped ceramic, fractures roots, infections, TMD, perio and the list continues.

Maybe less is really more?

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